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Omg cigarette ash just fell into my mike and ikes candy box dead

My boyfriend hid around a corner, and popped out when i walked out of the bedroom. He scared me so bad I started crying, wah :(

My Nah-Nah Banana

Work in two hours, running on 5 hours of sleep in two days. Hopefully no one dies at my work today or I’ll be pissed

Buy boyfriend new video games, lose boyfriend


And shit is about to get real

I ended up doing the cinnamon challenge, fuck you

my throat burns

My boyfriend is about to do the cinnamon challenge, omg

Boyfriend makes a tumblr, lose boyfriend

that moment you have with your girlfriend that you will never forget.....

Me: What is George W. Bush's middle name? :)
Her: ....???
ME: george W. bush.....
Her: Me and my dad were talking about this the other day...OMG I KNOW THIS...>.<!!!
Me: .........?
Her: It starts with an H right?
Me: T.T.....*facepalm*