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My boyfriend hid around a corner, and popped out when i walked out of the bedroom. He scared me so bad I started crying, wah :(

My boyfriend is about to do the cinnamon challenge, omg

Bought my boyfriend a rat today, I’ve never seen him more amused.


I feel like I’m loosing Briteon, and it hurts so bad. It sucks to know how when we were just best friends, we talked every night, couldn’t get enough of each other, and he was always there to comfort me, And ever since we started dating, I can barely get him to say two words to me. I don’t know if his heart isn’t in the right place anymore, of if the long distance is taking a toll on our relationship. But as far as I’m concerned, what used to be, doesn’t even feel like we’re in this relationship anymore. It’s like it’s over and I can’t help it anymore. Excuse me while I just sit here and cry.